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Established in 2009, Quora is one of the most active mixed use development companies in the industry.

Quora carries out developments throughout the country, delivering over 250,000sqft of commercial retail and leisure space each year, occupied by the most notable operators in the retail and leisure sectors and disposed to the most pre-eminent investment houses in the financial industry.

Quora is near unique in the property development industry by virtue of the spectrum of skill sets inherent within the directors who own and manage the company and the projects it procures. The directors bring specific and long established expertise in the fields of development, project management, funding and finance, town planning and construction. This collective experience and individual expertise results in all the major areas of the development process being managed and procured by the principal owners of the company itself without dependence on external parties.


Quora has concluded many substantial schemes in each of the retail, leisure and residential sectors.

Schemes are procured in a variety of different contexts. Quora’s developments occur within town centre locations and out of town locations. The developments procured include large mixed retail parks, major solus supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, drive-through units and residential schemes. These projects have also seen Quora deliver developments through the provision of entirely new buildings and via the refurbishment and extension of existing buildings.

All these varying characteristics in terms of the nature, content, form and location of the developments delivered, serve to illustrate the versatility and expertise evident within Quora.


Quora has completed all of its schemes successfully and to the highest satisfaction of occupiers, investors and owners alike.

Mixed use development is complicated by its very nature. This is a result of the competing demands of different occupiers residing within the schemes and such development is always sensitive in terms of its impact on the existing built environment by virtue of its inevitable proximity to existing features. Set against these characteristics, Quora’s developments have been procured in collaboration with many of the most well known occupiers in the retail and leisure sectors and disposed to the major funds and these collaborations have created many repetitive relationships with tenants and investors who are present in many of the schemes.

The delivery of such complex projects and the desire and willingness of such high profile companies to work with Quora repetitively, would not occur were it not for the demonstrable and proven quality and reliability inherent within the company.

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